TOUR SCHEDULE: Your Heart After Dark by Mahtab Rohan

TOUR SCHEDULE: Your Heart After Dark by Mahtab Rohan

Hello friends!

We are so excited to announce the confirmed schedule for the Your Heart After Dark tour! Thank you again to all of you that signed up and helped spread the word to ensure that we filled up this tour with some amazing #ownvoices reviewers! Be sure to visit our hosts during this week and help promote the release of Your Heart After Dark for the entire week.

Remember, all tour hosts are required to post reviews in addition to their creative content.

September 6

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September 7

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September 8

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September 9

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September 10

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September 11

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September 12

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MAHTAB ROHAN is a Canadian writer of South Asian & Himalayan descent. Rohan was born in Ontario and currently resides in the relentlessly cold Canadian Prairies. When she’s not writing stories that keep her up at night, she’s busy perfecting her square rotis and tutoring English.YOUR HEART AFTER DARK (SEPTEMBER 2020) is her debut novel.

Your Heart After Dark

by Mahtab Rohan
Release Date: September 4, 2020
Genre: YA Paranormal


After a year of living in a prissy suburb, Maria Chaudhry is back downtown. Back to what she never wanted to leave. But she can’t really enjoy it since neither the living nor the dead will leave her in peace.

JC’s death still keeps her up at night and Ehmet’s sudden ambivalence isn’t helping. Maybe she had read his signals wrong and Ehmet was never in love with her like she thought. Or maybe his love is tangled with secrets too dark to speak aloud, secrets about JC’s death and the unpredictable beast in Ehmet’s blood.

When an upcoming hiking trip is canceled, there’s no pretty path left towards the truth. A growing spiral of deceit threatens to tear Maria and Ehmet apart forever, but the beast lurking within Ehmet can do a lot worse than that.

Mahtab Rohan’s debut YA novel delivers a paranormal tale of crumbling friendships, malevolent secrets, and the struggle to have hope in the face of uncertainty.

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