TOUR SIGN UP: M Is for Melanin by Tiffany Rose

TOUR SIGN UP: M Is for Melanin by Tiffany Rose

Hello friends!

We are so excited to be hosting a book tour for M Is for Melanin by Tiffany Rose. We are looking for #OwnVoices readers that identify as Black. If that’s you, be sure to fill out the form down below. If you know someone that identifies as Black please pass along this information to them so they can see if they are interested.

Tiffany Rose is a left handed illustrator and author. She is currently living and working in Paris, France. She’s a lover of coffee, massive curly afros, world travel, and little brown children being their quirky free selves.
She is a full time teacher, creator, and world traveler.

Rose saw a need for children of color, to be represented in children’s literature and illustration. She remembers what it was like as a brown child not seeing herself represented in the books and characters she loved so dearly. Rose recently illustrated a 12 month calendar titled In MyMelanin, which features the joy and beauty of black children. Her Imaginarium 2019 calendar will be out December 2018. Rose creates art so that the 14.2% of underrepresented children can see themselves reflected. ​Pencil in hand, she’s changing that percentage one illustration at a time.Rose’s debut picture book ‘M is for Melanin’ will be published in Fall 2019.

M Is for Melanin
by Tiffany Rose

Publisher: Little Bee Books
Release Date: October 1st 2019
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

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M Is for Melanin is an empowering alphabet book that teaches kids their ABCs and celebrates Black children!

M is for Melanin
shining in every inch of your skin.
Every shade, every hue.
All beautiful and unique.

Each letter of the alphabet contains affirming, Black-positive messages, from A is for Afro, to F is for Fresh, to W is for Worthy. This book teaches children their ABCs while encouraging them to love the skin that they’re in.

Be bold. Be fearless. BE YOU.

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