TOUR SCHEDULE: This is All Your Fault by Aminah Mae Safi

TOUR SCHEDULE: This is All Your Fault by Aminah Mae Safi

Hello friends!

We are so excited to announce the confirmed schedule for the This is All Your Fault tour! Thank you again to all of you that signed up and helped spread the word to ensure that we filled up this tour with some amazing reviewers! Be sure to visit our hosts during this week and help promote the release of This is All Your Fault for the entire week.

Remember, all tour hosts are required to post reviews in addition to their creative content.

October 18

Lady ReadsalotBlog Interview + Reflection
What Irin ReadsReview
Bibliomaniac AzaFavorite Quotes

October 19

Imaginary FameLook Book
Fall Into Reading Playlist
Ribbonfairy With Unbounded WordsReflection
Fatimah’s ReadsReading Vlog + Journal Spread

October 20

Beyond Those PagesReview in 5 GIFs
Ms Awesome SauceyFavorite Quotes + Reflection
Moonchild – 15 Thoughts While Reading + Cover Recreation
Books Against the CurrentVideo Book Review + Theme Analysis

October 21

Novels NerdPlaylist
S.A. Youngniverse – Favorite Quotes
Bibliophilic Foodie DentistVideo Book Review
Emmat Must ReadReflection

October 22

Literary Raiq – Favorite Quotes
Writing QuillsReview
Library of Rabbitx and RiaCosplay + Rabbit Photoshoot

October 23

A Fangirl’s Haven – Favorite Quotes
Paperback WishesReview
The Book ViewMood Board
Indelible Ink Inscribes – Book Recs + Book Aesthetic
Hardcover Haven – Playlist + Review in 5 GIFs

October 24

Books, Anime, Stories FangirlMood Board + Theme Analysis
SanjaritiVideo Book Review
Hadias Bookstop – Book Recs + Reflection
The GryffindorsPlaylist + TV / Movie / Book Recs
Musfira Journal Spread

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