Company Updates :)

Company Updates :)

Hello HOV Community, 

 As of November 15, we have closed our last tour for this year. We as a company will be taking a temporary hiatus for the holiday season. However, we will still be working behind the scenes on future tours for the upcoming year and are so excited to share some of those details with you, so you can expect to hear more from us soon!

 Hear Our Voices has recently gone through some restructuring. Instead of the 6 person team, we started the year with, we are now only operating as a duo. We want to use this hiatus to prepare for the upcoming year in order to continue providing high-quality tours.  

Here is our team 🙂

We are committed to continuing to offer opportunities for the community that we love so much. You may notice changes happening on our website and sign-up forms that reflect our new team and responsibilities. We are always trying to improve – if you’d like to give feedback, we have a page for that! While we may change a few things, our main goal will always be the same: to provide engaging and meaningful tours for #ownvoices BIPOC, QTBIPOC+, POC and QTPOC+ authors and reviewers. 

We would really like to thank you all so much for giving us a chance and being amazing creators to work with! We have loved seeing your content and creative work, it has been truly inspiring. We admire everything you do for us, we couldn’t do this without you ❤ 

We have already begun planning books for the new year. We can’t share all our secrets, but here’s a peek at some of the books we will be hosting in early 2020!

You can expect sign-up forms for our upcoming books to continue to come out, even during our hiatus. (Pssst: some of them might be showing up before the holiday season, so stay tuned!) 

 Please keep an eye on our twitter feed and your inbox for updates. We can’t wait to work with you again in January! 

 Warm Regards,

Natalia & Emily

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