Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Mission at Hear Our Voices?

Our mission is to provide a space for marginalized voices to be seen. We believe books by BIPOC, QTBIPOC+, POC and QTPOC authors deserve the same treatment as their white counterparts and our Blog Tours aim to connect BIPOC, QTBIPOC+, POC and QTPOC reviewers with works that represent them, throughout all social media channels both International and Domestic.

Who is currently behind Hear Our Voices?

Our team currently has 3 members! Leelynn, Natalia & Emily. You can find more information about us in our staff page, but if you want to see what we get up to individually you can find us here:

Leelynn @sometimesleelynnreads, Natalia @mode2geek, and our Intern is a minor so we won’t be sharing that information here.

What is the normal breakdown of ARCs for your tours?

For every tour, we request 15 Digital ARCs, 15 Physical ARCs, and 5 Audiobook ARCs (if available). If any of our tours have been modified to be Digital Only or a different breakdown than the one listed above it will be noted on our sign-up forms and email communications.

How big are your tours?

All of our tours have 30 reviewer slots! Sometimes some tours are bigger depending on publisher requirements and length of the tour. We always note how big a tour will be on our announcements and sign-up forms if there will be more than 30 slots.

How can I participate in your tours?

All you need to do to be part of our tours is be of the group of reviewers that we are searching in our banners and have any of the four platforms allowed for participation, which would be a blog, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram. You do not need to have all of them, but you need at least one.

If you want to receive communications when a tour that matches you is available you can sign up here:

Does follower count matter?

Not really, it is our intention to uplift smaller creators and platforms, so as long as you are of the representation we are looking for and have a genuine interest in reviewing and sharing the book with everyone, you are welcome:) . If you already have a big platform, you are welcome too! This is a space for all of us to come together and celebrate these amazing books.

What do we require from you?

Our requirements are simple we require a written review on Goodreads (mandatory) and creative content related to the book. You get a long list of creative content to choose from, and you can pick whichever one you think you will have fun making!

Can you participate in our tours if you already have an ARC of the book we are hosting?

Yes, you can! When you join a tour with an ARC you do not take away an opportunity from anyone but instead add more support and content to the tour itself. So if you have an ARC and want to shout about the book anyway, you are welcome:)

Do we allow non-ownvoices reviewers on our tours?

Yes, we do. However, these opportunities come about rarely, as we only open tours to the wider community of readers if we cannot find enough creators of that representation for that particular book. To give you an idea, we’ve only ever opened 4/21 tours to non-ownvoices readers, which only amounts to 17 slots out of 550 slots opened. Our goal is to always have our tours entirely filled with #ownvoices reviewers, but there are other amazing companies out there that you can check out and participate in as well!

What is the normal breakdown of ARCs for your tours?

For every tour, we request 15 Digital ARCs, 15 Physical ARCs, and 5 Audiobook ARCs (if available). If any of our tours have been modified to be Digital Only or a different breakdown than the one listed above it will be noted on our sign-up forms and email communications.

If I have trouble reading a certain format can I notify you?

Yes, you can. We have a disability/accommodation box on our forms where you can note, what kind of ARC would work best for you and any reasoning behind it, so we can make sure you can participate in our tours comfortably.

**International Reviewers** Normally, we do our best to accommodate your request for Physical copies if needed, but unfortunately due to COVID-19 and shipping restrictions, It is currently not possible for us to do so.

Are Physical ARCs provided to International Reviewers?

All International Reviewers will receive Digital ARCs for the tours they sign-up to participate in. Our fees would usually allow us to ship 2-3 Physical copies per tour to International Reviewers, however due to COVID-19 and shipping restrictions that is currently not possible. We will update our forms and questions when these restrictions are lifted.

Can I choose whether I receive a Digital copy or a Physical copy to review for the tour?

Yes and no.

Yes, We do our best to accommodate Disability requests for readers in our tours, since they would be unable or would have a hard time participating without them and their requests take priority (International reviewers: Due to Covid-19, we currently cannot accommodate your requests, we will provide an update once restrictions are lifted) .

No, if you are a US Domestic reviewer who needs no accommodations, we will make sure to alternate which creators receive physical copies every tour , so everyone can have a chance at receiving and reviewing physical copies during the course of their participation in our tours.

When will I receive a confirmation email?

You will receive a confirmation email within 5 days of sign-ups closing for a tour.

When will I get my ARC (Advanced Reviewer Copy)?

If you were assigned a Digital ARC, our usual turn around is about 1-3 days, after we send the final participant list to the publisher. For physical ARCs to arrive it may take 1-2 weeks depending on the warehouse situation at the publishing house. However, if we have not heard from the publishing company within 1-2 weeks, we will make sure to keep all tour participants updated on the status of their ARCs and when they will be receiving them, if we have that information on hand. If we do not have any new information you will still be updated about that too.

Are reviews mandatory?

Yes. We send all reviews negative or positive to the publishers using your Goodreads links, for transparency and so the publisher can be aware of the books reception with #ownvoices reviewers.

What happens if you do not like the book? Or think your review might be negative?

If this is the case please inform us as soon as possible, this does not disqualify you from participating in the tour, but it allows us to provide you with alternative content to post. We also ask that you do not post your review of the book on social media or Goodreads until the end of the tour.

Even though you will be posting your negative review after the tour, please make sure that your review addresses the problems with the book and is not disparaging or disrespectful to the author.

What makes my review negative?

  • If your review mentions more negative aspects than positive ones
  • If you did not enjoy the book
  • If you are disparaging the author

to name a few. If you are ever in doubt as to whether your review meets our tour policy please feel free to email us about it.

Can I tag the author in my review or creative content?

We ask that you please do not tag authors in your content. Exceptions are made for video interviews or blog interviews since the Author is aware of what content is contained in both of those posts beforehand. You can tag any content you create to @HearourVoicesBT we can share it and we will tag the author once we have looked through the content and made sure it complies with our tour policies.

What if my review or creative content does not meet tour policies?

We reserve the right to ask creators who post content not aligning with our tour policies , to take their content down and will also have to consider your participation in future tours. We provide this page and our tour policy to make sure we can create a safe place for both you and the authors we work with so please become familiar with it.

What if I am late posting my content?

We understand that life comes in the way sometimes, and you might not be able to make your tour post date as scheduled. Please let us know if this is the case as soon as you can, so we can assign you a date that works best for you. If you let us know, there is no penalty.

However, missing your tour dates without prior notice, has a 3 strike policy. If we find that you have not met your commitments with us 3 times, your participation in our tours will be reconsidered. We do this because we have a responsibility to the publishers, and situations like this mean we are not fulfilling our agreements with them as promised. For this opportunity to work, both sides of the party must be responsible.

When & Where do I submit my links once I’ve posted?

Please submit the links of your review and creative content on your tour date (except negative Goodreads links reviews) since those have to be posted at the end of the tour. You can send your links our way through email , just make sure you list what tour you are on in the subject line:) . Our email is

What is the social-media name on your sign-up form?

Social Media Name refers to whatever name you want us to call you on schedules and featured host pages. Lots of tour hosts leave this blank, in which case we will attempt to extrapolate what to call you from your social media links. If you are in the process of rebranding or use multiple handles, this is a good place to give us your preferred name instead of leaving it up to chance. : )

Do I have to provide all the social media links?

If you have all the platforms, then please do. If you do not, you can post links of the platforms you do have. the only link that is mandatory is the Goodreads Link.

Do I have to provide a photo?

We ask for your photo so we can include it in our featured hosts page the day before your designated tour begins! We want people to see you, be able to cheer you on and so you can find other creators that read and enjoy books that you love:)

However, if you are not comfortable submitting an actual picture, you are welcome to submit your media logo, a pic crew of yourself, or an animated rendition of you. If you don’t want any photo to be featured of you at all, you can just submit a random photo and tell us you don’t want to be featured.

What if I have many platforms but only want to post on some of them?

There is a space in our forms for you to check-mark which platforms you prefer to post on. We always encourage cross-posting on your platforms on your tour date so we can spread the word farther.

Can I choose my post date?

Yes, you can! We know many of you would love to have a heads up on when you are expected to post, or already have scheduled content, so in our forms you can choose what date of the tour would work best for you.

If you want to leave the assigning at our discretion you can choose Any Date.

What kind of content is available to post?

A whole bunch!!! Take a look at our previous tour schedules to get an idea of what some creators have made 🙂

Have more questions?

That’s all we got but if you had a question that wasn’t answered, please feel free to submit it below and we can include it on this page:)