Meet The Team


Hello Beautiful people!

I am a Puertorican/Dominican born and raised, currently living in Georgia, USA. You can normally find me hyping up diverse reads, because I have literally discovered I can actually read about myself in books, and I am never looking back! I hope that through this endeavor one day you also get to hold a book in your hand that means the world to you. My dream is to be an editor, so who knows, maybe one day I will be the mastermind behind one of your favorite books! For now, here we are and thank you for coming on this journey with us!


Hi! I’m Emily, a queer bookaholic. I’ve always sought out as much queer representation as I could, but it was hard in traditional print media. I turned to webcomics and online stories, low and behold those things are getting published nowadays! 
Hear Our Voices shows off the corners of the reading realm that have been cut off from their perfect audience. They’re the perfect bridge between a reader and a good book! I’m super excited to join the team.