Black-American Creators

Christina | The Socially Awkward Booklover

My name is Christina Davis and I’m a mom who loves getting lost between pages! I enjoy reading a tons of YA and fantasy books. I also love to knit, cross stitch, paint or anything arts and crafts related.

Vanessa Florestal| Bookin.Good

Hello everyone! I love reading YA novels, thrillers and contemporary fiction. When I am not reading I love running, biking, and crocheting! I also love potato chips and chocolate!

Jasmine | Curly Haired Bibliophile

Reader and book blogger/bookstagrammer from Fayetteville, North Carolina with a focus on titles by authors of color. My aim in both the discussions I have about my readings and my pursuit of a career as a librarian is to not only put a spotlight on the variety of stories on shelves, but to also help readers find avenues to see themselves represented in new places. My favorite genres include fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, horror and contemporary.

Rachelle Saint Louis | Rae’s Reads and Reviews

Rachelle Saint Louis is a Haitian-American poet and book lover, born and raised in South Florida. She is currently a Psychology and English double major at Florida Atlantic University. Her favorite genre is YA contemporary with a strong focus on representation.

Sheri Cheatwood| A Warriors Library

I love reading, collecting books, dancing, and watching movies. I advocate for BIPOC voices and authors because our voices matter!

Tianna Peterson | One Page At A Time

Tianna is a book enthusiast. While her first passion has always been reading she hopes to become an author someday. You can catch Tianna on her Booktube channel or all social media outlets.

Whitney Elizabeth|BooksWhitMe

Just call me your resident Semi-Friendly Black blogger! Reading has always been my passion and now blogging has become a part of that, so buckle up because you’re in for an amazing ride. Just know I always promise to keep it cute, honest and fun at all times. Oh and don’t forget, we stan diverse reads in this house.

Jennifer Georges | Jens.BookDen

Hi, My name is Jenn and I love to read and listen to books. I particularly love YA and Scifi/ Fantasy Novels. I am a 3rd grade teacher so I love children’s books as well!

Anissa Gladney | Books & Melanin

I’m a small book blogger who is unabashedly Black, looking to uplift more Black authors and Black stories.

Ahtiya | Bookin It With Ahtiya

I am a Booktuber, blogger, and Bookstagrammer whose favorite genres are contemporary romance and fantasy. I love reading and sharing stories about Black people by Black people, and it’s goal to read diversely across all marginalized identities on a regular basis.

Devin Torres | Books + Bass

My name is Dev! I’m an educator, mom, advocator, and a huge fan of books- trying to provide accessible material for all!

Tiffany Griffin | Beautiful Dawn Designs

I’m a blogger and dream chaser with a passion for reading. I love helping other bloggers achieve their blogging goals.

Camille Payne | Brews and Books

I am a 28 year old black Booktuber who enjoys a good book and a good beer to go alongside. I’m so grateful to exist on this on booktube not only to read #Ownvoices but to also discuss what that means to me!

BriAna Estrada | Positively BriAna Reads

I’m a young book loving woman from Oakland, California. I always have my nose in a book whenever I don’t have one (or all) of my babies hanging off of me. My favorite genre is fantasy fiction although lately I’ve been loving anything by a Black author! I hope to someday write my own novels for a living!

Kandice Danielle

Born and raised in the Bay Area of California, I am on a mission to read not only my favorite genre, fantasy, but also to learn more about my own history as well as the history of other POC. If one wants an ally, one must be an ally.

Kaliisha Cole | Kalis Bookish Rambles

My name is Kaliisha Cole. I am 19 and a young adult books enthusiast. Besides books, I love Thai tea, photography, and vintage aesthetics!

Porshea Patterson | The Plot Thickens

Porshèa is a Tennessee-raised Ravenclaw living in NYC who can’t get enough out of sparkly things, reading, fandoms, intersectional feminism, and research — it’s also her day job. She is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Black Girls Create, volunteers with the Harry Potter Alliance, and co-hosts @CastleBlackPod.

Ashlynette Johnson | Primadonna Books

Hey! I’m Ashly J aka Primadonnasbooks! I’ve had a love for reading since I learned how to read and I’m so excited that their are more opportunities for OWNREVIEWS from OWNBOOKS. Thanks!

Tahirah Jones | BlckBookish

Hello! I am Tahirah Jones aka, BlckBookish! I love to read Young Adult, watch anime, and listen to alternative music! All in all, I am a girl who is unbelievably bookish and of course, Black!

Crystal Forte | MelanatedReader

I am Crystal Forte a high school educator, Ph.D. Student, and book blogger. I love to read, write, and spend time with my family and friends. I currently reside in Alabama and am an active literacy advocate that wishes to share my love of reading with millions of people.

Tessa White | NovelAdventures_

My name is Tessa and I love reading a lot! I have a degree in Psychology and a minor in African American studies. I don’t have a set genre that I stick to when it comes to books. I’m a sucker for Romantic Comedy novels tho!

Erin | Reading On A Star

Tahirah Folk | Sincerely Tahiry

My name is Tahirah and I’m a Black Muslim content creator from NYC. My goal is to provide a safe space for Black and/or Muslim Woman, as well to challenge the harmful narratives shown about us in media and literature. I pride myself on being authentic and honest and want to encourage other girls like me to do the same.

Charlie Smith | Snow and Books

I’m charlie, a nerdy bookish blogger who loves romance!

Sarah Mellon | SarahReadsBooks_

I am a college student studying early childhood/childhood education. I have a passion for literacy and my goal is for all of the students in my future classroom to see themselves represented in picture books. I believe #OwnVoices stories belong in every classroom.

Nachiketa S R | The Doc Reads Too Much

Kat Pierce | Why Read

I’m an aspiring librarian & LIS student living my best life in sunny California by way of Tennessee. I love to dance, create artistic masterpieces, and gossip about my favorite fictional characters.

Carla Towns | The Rantings of a Book Addict

Hello, my name is Carla! I am an avid reader who loves books from various genres.

Semilore Ayo-Gbenjo | Her.Bookish.Diaries

Hello, my name is Semi Ayo-Gbenjo and I am a new book blogger. I read a multitude of genres but the main ones are young adult fantasy, young adult contemporary/romance, and adult romance. I especially love to read books by authors of color, specifically Black authors, to further uplift their voices within the bookish community. When I’m not reading, you can find me fangirling over the various cartoons and speculative fiction shows I love to watch haha!

Chloé M |Brands of Chloé

Hello, my name is Chloé and I was born and raised in NY! I have a love for reading, whether it’s young adult, non-fiction, stories by black authors etc, I love the knowledge and feelings books provide me.

LaRonda | Flying Paperbacks

I’m LaRonda, a 19 year old sleep deprived, queer blogger. When I’m not reading, you can find me getting her next coffee fix… or sleep.

Jessica Clark | JessReadIt

Hi! My name is Jess and I’m 25 years old, currently living in Orlando, FL. I’m a Marketing student and I work for my library system.

Leah Moss | Starlight.Reads

Leah Nova is a recent college graduate with a BA in English and a huge passion for books and literature! She dreams of working in the book publishing industry, but in the meantime she’s an avid bookstagrammer and blogger. She also runs a bookmark company called Total Bookish Eclipse!

Serene | Devi_reads

Lover of sunshine, peanut butter, and video games. I can be found with a book at all social events and am always trying to write down the witty, random things that come up in every day conversation before I forget them.

Ashley | Bookish Realm

My name is Ashley. I’m a full-time librarian and mommy! I usually spend most of my time reading and recommending books to other people. My favorite genres are probably romance/contemporary, fantasy, and all comics, graphic novels, and manga.

Tonisha Kimble | WoW Book and Toy Store

WoW Book and Toy Store is an online multicultural children’s book and toy store located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We sell several forms of children’s media, all of which either are for or by people of color. All of our merchandise is offered with the goal in mind to engage young minds and provide a solid foundation for growth.

Leslie Larimore | The.MagicalPages

I am a veterinary technician and a mama of 5. I love to read mainly thrillers and fantasy books but I’m venturing out into the contemporary book world. I am a huge Harry Potter fan!

Bre | Loc’D Booktician

My name is Bre and I created Loc’D Booktician (YouTube Channel) October 2019. I enjoy making booktube tags and reading romance, thrillers, and mysteries fiction novels. I am excited to be apart of Hear Our Voices Book Tours. I can’t wait to tell you all my thoughts.