Pakistani Creators

This list of creators showcases creators living in Pakistan as well as those of Pakistani heritage.

Noorain |NerdGurll

I am a teenage sarcastic girl from Pakistan who loves reading. I will rant about books to anyone and everyone and love to help people ❤

Casper Wordsborn | Wordsborn

I’m a nerd gay from Pakistan and I have a very diverse taste in books that I don’t have the slightest idea what my favorite genre might be. I might be quirky sometimes and people seem to find it amusing.

Mahnoor Waqas | A Fangirl’s Haven

I’m a Pakistani Muslim girl and currently in my third year of med school. I absolutely love reading and I’m a pretty avid writer as well. I love taking pictures of books for my Instagram and reviewing them. I’m a pretty hardcore fangirl and super passionate about things I love like books, new places and food!

Fizah Saeed | Books Tales by Me

I am Fizah from Pakistan. A Civil engineer by profession, A reader by nature. It I’d rare to find Pakistani/Muslim MCs, I wish we’ll find those more in future.

Pawan | Thindbooks Blog

I’m a Punjabi/ desi/ American book reviewer.

Amina kamran | Amina_Reads

I’m a reader who loves to read book. I have started my book blog on Instagram a year ago where I write reviews of the books I read.

Almas Mustaqeem | She & Books

An avid reader who loves to talk about books.

Zuha Fatima | Book Talk Me

I am a literature student trying to spread the love of literature as best as I can through my blog; a small effort, for the cause of literature, on my end. My blog features book reviews, bookish talks, and my writing pieces – prose and poetry both.

Komal Rani | Shelf of Stories

I have been an avid reader since I was 11 years old, and since then my favourite genre has been all things fantasy and paranormal and magical!

Finitha Jose | Know Your Books

A book blogger from India totally addicted to reading. Except for non-fiction, I tend to read all kinds of books.

Khadeeja & Ayesha| thegryffindors_

Hi!! We are two sisters Ayesha and Khadeeja and reading is our passion. We both adore the genres contemporary and fantasy but we also love to discover new interesting books and authors. Living in Pakistan we don’t encounter people with the same passion of reading as us but bookstagram has given us a platform to talk about the books we love.

Kanwal Ameen Rajput | Nerdy.Kat

Just a girl who finds escape in stories and love reading heavy books. Also, a writer finding her way to write a story that would bring something more to the fantasy world.

Unzila Ali | Gurl With Books

Hey guys! I’m Unzila and I’m 20 years old bookish geek from Pakistan. It’s been nearly 2 years since I joined this beautiful community! I’m a old soul who is obsessed with literature and fictional characters 😅 btw I’m also working on my first novel so that’s the deal 😊

Ahsan Uddin | BetweenThePagesofBooks_

I’m from Pakistan. I’m an avid reader. I don’t stick to a particular genre, just get me a book to read. I’m always looking forward to promote literature culture 🙂

Nargis Kalani | NkLiteraryNerd

I am Nargis Kalani, a 25 year old book nerd and Muslim girl from Pakistan. Professionally, I am a social media executive and I run my books+lifestyle blog side by side. I’ve been a reader since I was a kid and Blogging is my passion.

Rawa Rabail Khan |_ThatGirlWithTheBook_

I’m just a 21 year old finding escape from bitter realities of the world in books. I read and review all sorts of books and that makes me the happiest.

Musfira Sultana Siddiqui | Musfira’s Shelf

I’m a 19 years old medical student from Karachi. I love to read different genres of books and support the authors on my social media pages ✌

Khishar Sadaf | Readerly Ever After

I am Khishar Sadaf. I am lecturer in English Literature. I love to read, eat and travel.

Fatima Mohammad Zubair | My Sanity Keepers

An amateur writer. A reader and a reviewer. Love DIYs and Photography. A Muslim Feminist.

Siraj Bajwa

My name is Siraj Bajwa and I’m a 16 year old Pakistani American Muslim. I love experiencing diverse stories that I can relate to and that resonate with me, preferably in the form of a book or animated TV show, and discussing those stories with others. I also love writing fiction and articles about my favorite topics, playing video games, doodling, and hanging out with my family! I hope to tell diverse stories in the future so that many more people can experience the awesome feeling of reading or watching characters who look like them(or share other similarities like family structure, religion, etc.) do amazing things, and just living their lives.

Fatima | Fafa’s Book Corner

Hello everyone! My name is Fatima. But you can call me Fafa. I am a Pakistani-Canadian Muslim. My pronouns are She/Her. I’m in my twenties. My interests outside of reading are watching tv (mostly anime), playing mobile games, and spending time with my family.

Sumaida Abed | Sumi.Reviews

My name is Sumaida Abed and I recently started my bookstagram account. I’m both Pakistani and Muslim.